Power of belief

The current book I am reading, breaking the spell, discusses the power of a person’s belief. People will die for a belief. There are many who believe that what they believe in is absolute truth. Yet, I wonder about truth. I can not deny that there is some absolute truth. Gravity. We live on earth. Earth rotates around sun….although there was a time that the leaders believed that everything rotated around the earth. Some were punished for challenging that dogma. So even when a truth may be absolute, what we understand about that is limited and therefore must change overtime as we acquire new data. At least, if we allow ourselves to acquire new data.

It can be disturbing to allow new information into our lives. It can make our firm, rock, foundation feel rather shaky, slippery. We have been visiting the lake in Kentucky. It has rained non stop for two weeks. Yesterday two trees feel over from the saturated, muddy, slippery ground. Was it good they fell? The forest way to cleanse the weak or dead wood so the new could grow? I cannot know. But our environment can change us.

So, I sit here this morning with my cup of coffee, I hear the continued rain fall, and I think about beliefs. I think they are the basis for a philosophy. Perhaps they are a synonym for each other. Should they ever be like rock and seemingly in changeable or are they the water that can carve the rock? Who has the stronger power, the rock or the water?


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