“Our philosophy is not best expressed in words, it is expressed in the choices one makes…and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility” Eleanor Roosevelt

One can think all day long. Thoughts might interest us, amuse us, or bring us some contemplative delights, but until they are shared, they remain silent and therefore no one can benefit from the silent musings. Taking action on your thoughts-to share them with others or to put them into some action-will begin the process of sharing one’s philosophy.

The thought I have today, is that people need to feel important; as though they matter to someone. That their existence is noted. I can assist in that need by offering, at a minimum a smile to each person I see today. I can speak a greeting to those I pass. And to someone that I pass who appears sad, perhaps I could stay awhile to hear their story and to provide a hug.

I live in such a fast pace, this simple truth could be ignored as I rush from deadline to deadline.

My philosophy on this goes beyond providing the encouraging smile. To utilize an allegory; I believe that we are all provided with a pocketful of puzzle pieces when we are born. Some of the pieces fit perfectly together and make sense. Some of the pieces we cannot fathom how they will fit in. And some of the pieces seem to belong to an entirely different puzzle! And I believe that they do. I carry some puzzle pieces for others. When I pass/interact with them, I place a puzzle piece into their live, and they place one into mine…we both benefit from a greater understanding of how things look or work together than we did before the exchange.

It is a choice to interact with others. It does take time and it takes effort. On the other hand, if we are willing to give that energy to another, we may walk away with the renewal that we thought we were giving to another.


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