Forced to Discover

“Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth” Ludwig Borne

I had to give this quote some thought. Finding a truth can be enlightening. The new discovery may  lead me to change my mind, or my actions. Assuming in this quote that truth would in fact be truth. For instance, I may believe that I know the absolute correct way to do something like bake a cake, or plan a trip. As I prepare to do them, I discover a truth such as a road is out; which will lead me to re-route my travel plans. Or I may learn  that living in a high altitude will change the cook time and oven temperature. I then will adjust my plan for baking my cake. I think that is the type of truth Ludwig was referring to. The truth would simply re-direct me.

When something that you once believed is shone to be untrue, it occurs to you that what you believed was an illusion. It does not re-direct me, it leaves me with a void. Now I have to figure out how to fill that void, or if it is necessary to fill the empty space.  I am not re-directed, I have to self-discover. That is the journey that will provide me with wisdom.

I had this experience when I realized that what I had been taught to believe about God, the Bible, and Salvation was an illusion. It was an illusion that I held onto and believed with my whole heart for 30 years. So when that confident, unquestioning, belief began to disappear, I found I had a very large spiritual void in my life and I was not sure how to begin the journey to question, think, discuss and discover what was the truth.

I am still on that quest. I can see that the discovery of a truth is settling, the discovery of an illusion can create disequalibrium. It forces me to discover. And that journey may take time.


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