Appreciate the Finish

“Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.” Thomas Carlyle

The trouble is, we often do not give ourselves permission to recognize the accomplishment. We rush from one goal to the next.  Perhaps we have too many goals? Sometimes the tyranny of the urgent is so pressing that we cannot take time to reflect.

We are rehabbing our historic home which was built in the 1840’s. There are many goals! Everything had to be gutted and replaced. Floors shored up, walls pulled in, roof replaced, electric out, plumbing in…it is like a new house in an old shell! I have learned a whole new meaning to patience. We are still in the midst of construction and living in the house which is not fully finished.

We have so many urgent needs. We have multiple projects going at one time. Raining? no problem, we will work inside on the crown molding. Sunshine? no problem, we will work on the front entry door way with preparations for painting. Whatever the weather, we are ready with a job. The challenge to this is that many projects are in the in-between stage. It can take a long time to finish one as we get interrupted with another.

My father was Irish. He knew how to stop at the end of the day and sit with a glass of your favorite drink, and reflect on that day’s work. To embrace and celebrate what was accomplished that day. Maybe the job got done, maybe he just made progress; either way, he took time to recognize the work.

I have tried to implement that practice. My husband had never had the opportunity to experience that ‘celebration’. He works hard and goes from project to project with little celebration of the reflection. I have taught him the pleasure, and we enjoy our glass of wine, and scotch as we review what was done that day. It helps to bring back into your mind that you didn’t just while away the time-mind you sometimes we should while away some time: vital to self care!-but when we are working on a project, it is good to remind yourself of the progress–give yourself some credit.

Over time, that builds how you feel about yourself. You recognized what you did-and it was good. Last night we finished the roofing on the workshop out back. Joe has done the whole construction of this workshop himself with a few exceptions. He had a good friend help him with the roof. Before the roof was started we used a tarp over the structure to protect from the weather. I cannot tell you how many late night runs we ran outside when unexpected rain started to get the tarp up and over the workshop-getting dripping wet in the process!

When the last shingle was put on we all sat down to a good dinner-discussed, and laughed, about the process, and then pulled out the celebratory scotch. It was a good night, and a good feeling.

Take time to celebrate the events in your life! Cheers!


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