Not my Circus-Not my Monkeys

“Let it go.” me-Faye E Hager

Everyone says ‘let go’ in one way or another. Most of us get that concept. But how do we make it work? The greatest challenge I face when I am telling my self to let something go, is the fact that I care. I care about the person, the event, the situation. If I didn’t care, it would be a simple act to let go and walk away from the irritating situation.

But sometimes we cannot walk away from the situation, and we can not change the situation. Then what do people do? They are told to ‘let it go’. I tried to not care. I stuck my arm out in front of me, hand at a stop, to ward off the attachment. But I couldn’t make that invisible shield work.

Then one day I realized that I did not have to come to a point of not caring to let go. Connecting ‘not caring’ with ‘letting go’ was my mistake. I can care, and I can let go at the same time. Letting go for me does not mean I walk away from you, it means I let you experience your own journey.

I think we all have a purpose in living-a journey for life. If I step into yours, and try and change you or what you do, I could adversely affect your journey. Perhaps you are about to make a mistake. I can provide you with some words of advice. I could offer love and concern. But at the end of the day, it is your choice of what you do.

So when I heard the saying the other day, ‘not my monkeys, not my circus’ it seemed beautifully apropos. I have my own circus and the monkeys that I try to manage, and others have theirs. They may think I do crazy things, but I am doing the best I can. So are most people. They may make a decision that is different than the one I would make, but it is their circus. They can manage it the way they believe is best.

I don’t have to be in their circus. I can eat popcorn and watch the show.

I keep a little glass jar filled with pop corn kernels and tied with a ribbon at my desk. It reminds everyday that I don’t manage every show. I am not the director of every production. Sometimes I have to watch the show. I might as well eat some popcorn.


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