Song in the Storm

John Lennon said “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” My mother said it so often that I grew to believe she was the author of that pearl of wisdom. Now I repeat it as though it were my own. On any given day, I have plans in place for that day. Then, an unexpected storm blows through and my plans tumble away.

A day at the beach results in a broken arm and ends in the emergency room. A morning at a favorite bistro results in receiving the news of the death of a loved one. A plan for a vacation gives way to emergency surgery. The storm enters and blows away the peace and enjoyment of my day and sends me into a turbulent whirlwind.

The storm blows in. My dreams are shattered. My heart is broken. My plans are shot to hell. Sometimes the storm in a mere inconvenience. Sometimes the storm changes my life.

Storms swirl like tornadoes. Your hair flies at your face. You squint to keep the fine hair from scratching your eyes. Your clothes hug you and your scarf blows away. You’re hit by the flying debris. You search for cover, but there isn’t any. There is only wide open terror.

A person can try and fight the wind. A person can let themselves be blown by the wind. A person can complain about the wind. Fighting, and complaining does not stop the storm. The storm will do as it will. Look for the eye-the central place of peace-in the center of the swirl.

When the storm enters my life, I search for the eye-the centered place of peace. I remind myself that storms can cleanse. They can remove debris that I am unable to move-in some cases to even recognize. We hate the devastation, to our life and to our environment. We would not choose  the storm.

I have lived in cities where tornadoes have gone through the town and brought it completely down. The people had to rebuild, not once, but twice. The lives were safe. Their belongings were gone. The re-start brought blessings they did not anticipate.

Storms do that. They also make me appreciate every beautiful day that does not contain a storm.

I like John Lennon’s song, “Imagine”, and the line: “Imagine all the people living for today”. Enjoy this moment. Each moment is all we have; for the next a storm may blow in.


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