Clouds in the Sky

“You’d be surprised, there’s so much to be done. Count all the bees in the hive, chase all the clouds from the sky.” Winnie the Pooh sings with Christopher Robin.

I loved Winnie the Pooh and his playful antics. Life was so busy, and he felt so responsible. I imaged that life as an adult would be busy and responsible. But somehow all the work would be fun-like in Pooh world.

I was to learn that life as an adult did hold responsibilities which made me very busy. I just did not anticipate what they would be. They were much harder than I imagined.

My daughter was born with a crippling birth defect and would require 11 surgeries by the time she was two. Her survival and how she felt about her day, depended on me. I had to somehow learn to meet her physical needs, but to also bring pleasure into her sweet life. I learned to have fun while I worked. Exactly as I had been inspired by Kenny Logins delightful song about life. Honey jars get stuck on our nose. Sometimes we need help to get them off, but it is our decision to lick the honey from our lips or to wipe it away.

Troubles are like the honey. Yes the stuck jar is troublesome. But each trouble has a smidgen of honey. Don’t miss the sweet lick.


3 thoughts on “Clouds in the Sky

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