Travel on the Edge

“A traveler sees what he sees, a tourist sees what he has come to see.” Gilbert K Chesterton

If time and money were not a limiting factor, yet I had to travel by car, I would choose to travel  the coast of our North and South American continents. My itinerary would take me to the New Jersey Shore and from there I would begin my coastal loop.

While there are certainly things to see inland, I am refreshed by the ocean. I am intrigued by the life in the water. Life that has it’s own rhythm, and rules of survival. Oceans that we travel, but we cannot control. The rhythmic surge of the waves as they cease their ocean voyage; sometimes with a gentle snuggle, sometimes with a roaring crash.

The coast grows out of the expression of the nearby water. So it is with our lives. We are molded by our immediate surroundings. Sometimes we are full of peace and gentle contentment. Sometimes we are troubled with turbulence.The storm can be fierce and we fear we will drown.

It is interesting to watch the shipmen along the shore when they know a storm is brewing. The novice sailor will attempt to tie the boat down to every board on the dock. The seasoned sailor will take out his boat, and anchor deep. “Let ‘er ride out the storm. She’ll rock and roll, but she’ll stay afloat!” So it is when I face storms; I have learned to anchor deep.

The people I have met at coastal cities seem to have found their sense of community. They need and rely on one another.

My coastal trip will introduce to me new places and I will meet new people. I anticipate that I will come home with a new life.



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