Patience-is it really all that necessary?

Must patience be a virtue?! I am so pro-active that waiting for something can take me over my acceptable frustration threshold. I suppose being pro-active is good. It can be helpful. It can also be devastating if I do not allow myself to wait for the right time.

We have broken ground for the new addition. There is a huge hole out my kitchen door that will be the stair case to the cellar. The staircase sits in the middle of what will be the new addition. The entire back yard has lost it’s green grass and graveled curved path. It now hosts piles of dirt which were dug up to create the huge hole. Concrete blocks are stacked in several locations. Two pyramids of pebbles and stones stand tall at the back of the yard. Cement trucks have compacted the ground. The yard shifts from dusty trails to muddy sludge.

cellar stair vault

This would be easier to take if it were only for a few days. I would like a team of young bucks to come and get that hole shaped into the cement slab I so richly deserve. That does cost money. My husband is a brilliant engineer and drew the plans and is totally capable of doing the job. One man, two arms. So…I wait and I try to be patient.

Part of my trouble is my pro-active planning. In my mind, I have moved beyond the open pit in the back yard. That will get done. I have moved on to concerns of how we will get the two story addition built. Remember, one man with two arms. He says don’t worry. It will get done.

So I worry. I stew. I try to visualize, how in the hell is he going to do that?!

Then I remember the workshop. He had to build it in one spot and move it to another. He built it on top of PVC tubing so that it could be rolled into place. Really? Rolled into place? I had never heard of such a thing. I could not imagine it. I worried. I stewed. I waited for my turn to say, ‘I knew this wouldn’t work’. But it did work! He and a friend used a truck and a chain and they moved that workshop into place.

Workshop pulling it Workshop finished

I love the cottage workshop. I will love the new addition. I remind myself that I could not imagine how the workshop would get done. But it did. So now, I remind myself that the addition will get done too. I need to be patient. I need to trust the plan and enjoy the journey.

“Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.”  Saadi

“He that can have patience can have what he will.” Benjamin Franklin


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