I am not a renowned philosopher, but I enjoy thinking about life and discussing processes for living.

It was not until I enrolled in my first college class that I began to realize how much I enjoyed asking questions.  I discovered that there is a huge realm related to the unknown that begs discovery, discussion, exploration and thinking.

Belief is a strong foundation for behavior. I have come to think of belief as a philosophy.  This blog is my journey as I wander through new -or old- ideas of living.

It is fairly easy for me to say what I do not believe. It is a little more challenging to say what I do believe. Particularly since I discovered that what I had believed and taught as truth for so many years had been faulty.

While I am not a renowned philosopher, I am a philosopher. This blog is about the fluid movement of thought. Given freedom it flows where it will. Over time the flow of the current will make a path; that path will show definition to my philosophies.

Other blogs by Faye:



Book by Faye:

“Leo and the Listener”— The voices whisper. If you listen you can hear the past.

“Religion Recovery”— Illumination dispels darkness. The dark cave is really a tunnel. The journey begins.

“White Gallows”— When does the passion of love become the power to kill?


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